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As the national and global cannabis industry continues to evolve, GreenWrap Insurance Solutions is counted on by hemp and marijuana businesses for protection against their biggest threats. Serving North America, the Caribbean, Europe and sectors of Latin America, our seed-to-sale insurance capabilities offer a wide range of customizable coverage options.  Clients benefit from our partners’ combined industry experience spanning over 20 years.

Customized Insurance Solutions for the Cannabis Industry

At GreenWrap Insurance Solutions, we have you covered from seed to sale. Our customized, comprehensive coverage options benefit all types of businesses across the entire spectrum of the cannabis industry, including:

  • Cultivators
  • Dispensaries
  • Processors and manufacturers
  • Laboratories and testing facilities
  • Delivery and distribution companies
  • Legal and support entities
  • Properties
  • Outlying marijuana-industry organizations
  • And more…

Insurance Solutions For Your Business

GreenWrap Insurance Solutions provides a complete portfolio of insurance products for businesses in the hemp and cannabis industry, with packages custom-tailored to a company’s unique level of risk, the interests they’d like to insure, applicable state and national mandates, and other factors. Our comprehensive, affordable solutions include the following and more:

General Lines

Serving private entities and publicly traded companies, both for-profit and non-profit, our team scours the market to find the best option to insure all interests with general liability, commercial auto, professional liability, and other coverage types.

Medical Life & Sciences

Testing laboratories, clinical trial sites, telemedicine providers, doctors’ offices, and healthcare management systems, amongst other related entities, turn to GreenWrap Insurance Solutions for unique coverages applicable to the cannabis industry’s nutrition, health, and biopharmaceutical sectors.

Cyber Data Breach

Today, arguably the largest threats to your business come from cyberspace. Protect your assets – and bottom line – against costly ransomware attacks, privacy breaches, data loss, extortion, fines, credit monitoring assistance, breach notifications, and more.

Legal & Support

From single-day or annual event coverage to insurance for lobbying efforts, our solutions serve professionals and entities that work to support hemp and marijuana businesses and causes, including lawyers and grassroots organizations.

Property Solutions

Protecting investors, tenants, landlords and any location that is “home” to cannabis operations, our team is experienced in the unique insurance needs that accompany property development, builders’ risk, lessor’s risk, and special endorsements. We can cover full real estate portfolios or individual dispensaries. We look to create the smoothest path to coverage, complying with state regulations, banks, permits, building codes, and compliance.

Ancillary Solutions

GreenWrap Insurance Solutions offers coverage options for any type of business that touches the hemp and marijuana industry – even if they aren’t involved in the production and sale of cannabis. These businesses may include CBD supplement developers, vape shops, consultants, and more.

About Us

Assisted by international insurance giants like AmWINS, Maximum, Appalachian, and other managing general agencies, GreenWrap Insurance Solutions is trusted by clients in all 50 states and across North America, as well as from the Caribbean and some areas of Latin America. Our team of experts boasts impressive industry experience in agriculture, construction, medical and life sciences, and other specialties relevant to the realm of cannabis, placing us in a unique position to:

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