Gain access to comprehensive insurance options that benefit all types of businesses across the entire cannabis industry at GreenWrap Insurance Solutions. Powered by AmWINS, one of the largest wholesale insurance companies in the world, we offer customized packages to insure the entire vertical from seed to sale. Learn more about the occupations and types of cannabis-related businesses that we can insure throughout North America, Europe, the Caribbean, and sectors of Latin America.

Our Seed-to-Sale Philosophy

Lab worker inspects cannabis plants

At GreenWrap Insurance Solutions, we follow a seed-to-sale philosophy, which helps us cover businesses at every phase and in every industry of cannabis production. We are proud to support the cannabis industry as a whole with custom-tailored insurance solutions for all types of occupations, including:


The agricultural sector of the industry is reliant on the proper cultivation of the cannabis plant, and at GreenWrap Insurance Solutions, we offer many different insurance policies to provide protection against uncertainties, like weather damage or theft. Whether you want to insure your crops, equipment, or property, you can depend on our experienced agents to work with you to choose the most appropriate coverage.


Having comprehensive insurance coverage for your cannabis dispensary, whether it’s recreational or medical, will help protect you from litigation that could damage your reputation and career. GreenWrap Insurance Solutions offers a variety of insurance options to match your dispensary’s needs and safeguard it from hazards such as fire, vandalism, and theft. Property insurance, commercial auto insurance, general liability insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, and more are all available via our experienced agents.

Processors and Manufacturers

GreenWrap Insurance Solutions understands the risks faced by cannabis processing and manufacturing facilities, and we are ready to protect your inventory, equipment, and facility with tailored policies. We offer coverage for product liability, professional liability, workers’ compensation, and more.

Laboratories and Testing Facilities

GreenWrap Insurance Solutions offers comprehensive policies to insure laboratories, test facilities, clinical trial sites, healthcare management systems, physicians’ offices, and other medical and life science companies. We provide general and professional liability insurance to safeguard both recreational and medical customers.

Delivery and Distribution Companies

The delivery of cannabis products is instrumental to make a profit. GreenWrap Insurance Solutions protects the transporters of cannabis goods with our customized insurance policies. These help to guard against the risks of storing, processing, and shipping products and include product liability, commercial auto coverage, umbrella coverage, and more.

Legal and Support Entities

GreenWrap Insurance Solutions insures legal and support professionals, including lawyers and grassroots organizations, working in the cannabis industry with comprehensive coverage solutions. These include single-day coverage, annual event coverage, insurance for lobbying efforts, and more.


We offer tailored insurance coverage for landlords, investors, and tenants of marijuana businesses or facilities. Policies include property coverage, professional liability, builder’s risk, and others for individual tenants after a build is complete.

Outlying Cannabis-Industry Organizations

We provide insurance coverage to outlying cannabis organizations, or ancillary businesses, that help keep the industry running smoothly without working directly with the cannabis plant. Ancillary businesses are supporting services and vendors, such as legal and accounting firms, contractors, consultants, vape shops, and more. Even if your business doesn’t work directly with cannabis products, you’ll still need comprehensive insurance policies like general liability, product liability, and professional liability.

Request a Consultation Today

If you own a cannabis-related business and are interested in protecting your livelihood with customized insurance coverage, trust the experts at GreenWrap Insurance Solutions to find the appropriate policies for you. We have over 20 years of combined experience providing comprehensive insurance coverage for businesses at any stage of the cannabis production line throughout North America, the Caribbean, Europe, and sectors of Latin America. Contact our nationally licensed agents today to discuss the insurance policies available for your occupation or cannabis-related business.

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