If your business is in the agricultural sector of the cannabis industry and needs insurance, GreenWrap Insurance Solutions can pinpoint the right coverage for your company’s needs. We are a licensed insurance agency that provides personalized insurance solutions to businesses in the cannabis industry throughout North America, the Caribbean, Europe, and sectors of Latin America. Our team has extensive experience providing diverse lines of insurance coverage for different sectors. Find out how we can provide coverage for your agricultural cannabis business.

Cannabis Insurance for Agriculture

Agricultural Cannabis Industry Coverage

At GreenWrap Insurance Solutions, our mission is to offer comprehensive and affordable insurance options to as many cannabis-related businesses as possible. We do this through our seed-to-sale philosophy, which helps us cover businesses at every phase and in every industry of cannabis production. We know the agricultural sector of the industry depends on the cultivation of the cannabis plant, and we offer many different insurance policies to provide protection against uncertainties. Whether you want to insure your crop farm or the equipment used, you can trust the experienced staff at GreenWrap Insurance Solutions to work with you and help you decide which type of coverage works best. Our coverage options include:

Crop Coverage

If you’re a farmer who wants to insure your growing cannabis plants, consider investing in an additional crop insurance policy. Crops are not protected under commercial property or farm insurance coverage. This type of insurance protects farmers and agricultural producers against crop losses caused by extreme weather events, including floods, wind, hail, and drought. It can also safeguard against revenue losses caused by price volatility in the agricultural commodity market.

Property Coverage

Property insurance covers your business location, inventory, equipment, and more. It protects your business’s tangible assets and inventory, and also guards against damage from sudden events, such as storms, fire, hail, wind, theft, vandalism, and more.

Product Liability

Product liability insurance provides coverage in the event you are found liable due to a defective product or if a third party claims an accident happened while consuming your products. This coverage is vital to protecting your company against costly legal claims and lawsuits.

Seedmen’s Errors & Omission

This type of liability insurance protects your company against claims where it is proven that mistakes or failure to provide a contracted service caused a customer financial loss. Even if the legal action is found to be without merit, this can cover the expense of defending your company in a civil lawsuit as well as certain damages granted.

Pollution Liability Coverage

This policy is a type of environmental insurance that covers claims arising from pollution released during cannabis cultivation or processing at a specific scheduled location. For example, if the scent of cannabis carries over into a private community and they sue, you would have protection against those lawsuits.

Whether you own a cannabis crop that has been in your family for generations or are just starting out in the agricultural sector of the cannabis industry, our experts with 20 years of combined experience will work with you to provide the most appropriate insurance solutions available.

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Trust the nationally licensed team at GreenWrap Insurance Solutions to help you find coverage for your cannabis agricultural business. We always aim to provide the best coverage available for businesses throughout North America, Europe, the Caribbean, and sectors of Latin America. Contact us today to request a consultation.

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