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Cannabis Transport in North America, the Caribbean, Europe, and Sectors of Latin America

Transporters are critical to the cannabis industry since they bring products from the cultivators and manufacturers to the retailers and customers. They also face risks that other businesses in the hemp and marijuana production chain may not experience. At GreenWrap Insurance Solutions, we recognize the distinct challenges cannabis transporters deal with and strive to develop personalized policies suited to their needs. With over 20 years of combined experience in insurance and finance areas, we offer coverage to publicly traded companies and private entities across North America, the Caribbean, Europe, and sectors of Latin America.

How We Serve Cannabis Transporters

GreenWrap Insurance Solutions follows a seed-to-sale philosophy to serve companies at every stage of cannabis production. This business perspective allows us to insure everything from crops to packaging. Our customized coverage for cannabis transporters protects products against any risks involved with storing, processing, and shipping to and from quarantine-style facilities. We safeguard hemp and marijuana distributors with numerous forms of insurance, including:

Commercial Liability and Product Liability

General and product liability coverage protects against physical injuries and property damage that most occupations in the cannabis industry should consider. Specifically, these policies can protect your business against the following situations:

  • Bodily injury or damage to separate party’s property caused by a defect in your product
  • Slander, libel, or business disparagement
  • Liability of other parties you assume under contracts
  • Copyright infringement in your advertising campaigns
  • Legal defense costs if you are sued for covered claims
  • Settlements or judgments awarded for those claims up to the insured amount

Commercial Auto Coverage

Naturally, cannabis transporters need vehicles to conduct their daily work. We strongly suggest all hemp and marijuana deliverers seek out commercial auto insurance policies. Such coverage safeguards your business if you or an employee is in an accident and is at fault. Insurance can help you pay for any medical expenses or damaged property without being overwhelmed by the costs.

Learn More About Your Coverage Options

Delivery and distribution are vital to the overall success of the cannabis industry, making insurance necessary for all hemp and marijuana transporters. Find personalized coverage plans for your business from the experienced agents at GreenWrap Insurance Solutions. Powered by international insurance companies like AmWINS and Maximum Appalachian, we deliver trustworthy insurance solutions to customers all over North America, the Caribbean, Europe, and sectors of Latin America. Contact us today for more information on insurance for cannabis transporters.



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