Whether you own a private entity or publicly traded company, for-profit or non-profit, you can rest easy knowing the experts at GreenWrap Insurance Solutions can provide comprehensive coverage options that are custom-tailored to your needs. Our nationally licensed agents work hard to protect business owners, investors, landlords, and properties throughout North America, the Caribbean, Europe, and sectors of Latin America with various types of insurance policies. Explore the general lines of insurance we offer.

General Lines of Insurance for Cannabis Businesses

General Insurance Lines

GreenWrap Insurance Solutions is proud to offer a comprehensive portfolio of insurance services for businesses in the cannabis industry, including general lines of insurance. General lines of insurance include standard liability, professional liability, commercial auto coverage, and more. Our team works diligently to find the best options to insure all interests for public and private companies alike. Some of the most common policies we provide include:

General Liability

General liability insurance is recommended for all types of businesses in the cannabis industry to protect them from unnecessary risk. This coverage provides liability protection to businesses from a range of claims, including bodily injury, property damage, defamation, copyright infringement, and more. It helps cover costs from those claims and can help pay for medical expenses, repair costs, and legal fees. Since any of these costs could be devastating to a business, it’s essential to protect your livelihood ahead of time.

Professional Liability

Professional liability insurance is necessary to protect businesses from claims of Errors & Omissions, where it is proven that your mistakes or failure to provide a contracted service caused a client financial loss. Unfortunately, mistakes can happen to even the most experienced professionals, and this coverage can protect you and your firm in the event of a costly error. Even if you didn’t make a mistake, you can still be sued if your client believes you did. Proper coverage can protect against pricey legal defense fees.

Commercial Auto Coverage

Many businesses in the cannabis industry use vehicles daily for their operations, such as manufacturers, laboratories, and delivery and distribution companies. If your marijuana business has a vehicle, it’s highly recommended that you have a commercial auto insurance policy. This coverage protects business owners in the event of an accident if you or an employee is at fault. It can help cover costs by helping to pay for damaged property or medical expenses incurred.

GreenWrap Insurance Solutions also offers workers’ compensation coverage, employment practices liability coverage, and other policies that could be beneficial for your business. Reach out to our team to explore the full extent of our coverage options.

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Keep your business safe and protected from seed to sale with the help of nationally licensed agents at GreenWrap Insurance Solutions. We can assist you in finding the best general lines of coverage for your cannabis-related business. Serving clients throughout North America, the Caribbean, Europe, and sectors of Latin America, we’re proud to offer comprehensive solutions tailored to the cannabis industry. Contact us to request a consultation today.

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