GreenWrap Insurance Solutions is a nationally licensed insurance agency that provides customizable insurance solutions to businesses throughout North America, the Caribbean, sectors of Latin America, and Europe. We provide multiple lines of insurance, including general liability, property, and cyber/data breach coverage, for many different sectors of this growing industry. Learn more about the industries we serve with our more than 20 years of combined cannabis industry experience.


Cannabis Insurance for Industry

General Lines

At GreenWrap Insurance Solutions, we help both publicly traded and private companies find policies to cover all of their insurable interests at a reasonable price. Our experienced team aims to protect investors, tenants, landlords, and any location that houses cannabis operations with general lines of insurance coverage. General lines of insurance include standard general liability, professional liability, commercial auto coverage, and more. Through close relationships and thorough communication, our team works hard to find a way to get a policy in place for any insurable interest you may have.

Medical and Life Sciences

If your business is in the medical or life sciences industry, GreenWrap Insurance Solutions can help you find the exact amount of coverage you need. We take our time to know a company’s needs, risks, and goals to tailor a comprehensive insurance solution for unique coverage for the cannabis industry’s nutrition, health, and biopharmaceutical sectors. We provide insurance for risks faced by the medical industry, including:

  • Testing laboratories
  • Clinical trial sites
  • Emerging Treatments
  • Clinical trial sites
  • Healthcare management systems
  • Biometrics
  • Bio-pharma/AI Platforms
  • Physicians’ offices
  • Telemedicine services
  • Recreational and medical needs of marijuana consumers and patients 


We also provide insurance for the construction industry, whether you’re a national construction company or an artisan by trade. We offer hard-to-place coverage, from builders’ and lessors’ risk to investors and tenants of businesses in areas known for earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, and other natural disasters. We also provide error and omissions (E&O) insurance for engineers, architects, and general contractors.

Further, we insure other large construction projects such as office buildings, strip malls, commercial and industrial spaces, and even residential buildings. Whatever type of property development or construction project you need insured, our knowledgeable agents know what it takes to find the right solutions for you.


As the national and global cannabis industry continues to evolve, GreenWrap Insurance Solutions is counted on by cannabis businesses for protection against their biggest threats. Our seed-to-sale insurance capabilities offer a wide range of customizable coverage options, including product liability, crop coverage, or property coverage. We can also provide coverage for household goods in storage, appraised animals, homesteads, and more. Whether you are insuring a crop farm or machinery used there, we have experience in placing risks and creating the smoothest path to coverage, complying with state regulations and permits.

Contact Us for a Free Consultation

Protect your investments and your business with personalized insurance coverage. GreenWrap Insurance Solutions provides customized and comprehensive coverage options that benefit all types of businesses across the entire spectrum of the cannabis industry. If you’re interested in insuring your business or products in North America, the Caribbean, sectors of Latin America, and Europe with GreenWrap Insurance Solutions, contact us today for a free consultation.

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