How to Properly Deliver Cannabis

How to Deliver CannabisAs with any industry, the transportation of your product from the storefront to consumers’ homes plays a vital role in your business. Whether you’re selling hemp or marijuana, the cannabis industry is already mobilizing delivery services to increase sales and widen the reach of their retail locations. It’s important to have a well-structured set of instructions and guidelines for your delivery drivers, but before you establish those, you have to settle on how you’re going to deliver your goods. Between medicinal and recreational dispensaries, there are two popular modes of delivery that have grown to be the most effective. Here, GreenWrap Insurance Solutions provides you with the knowledge you’ll need to set up an efficient delivery service for your hemp or marijuana business.

Ice Cream Truck vs. Pizza Delivery Methods

To date, two methods have dominated the hemp and marijuana delivery scene. These include the following:

The Ice Cream Truck Method

This mode of delivery is exactly what it sounds like. With tons of goods packed into a truck, many businesses opt to have their driver go around a targeted area with a vehicle that advertises their goods and services while also making frequent stops to sell to passersby on the street. This is a great idea for small businesses just starting or any company that wants to launch a new marketing campaign.

The Pizza Delivery Method

This is the classic delivery method. Much like the way you would have a pizza delivered to your home, this reinforces the convenience your company provides. Many small businesses and corporations that are already well-established in their community offer home delivery. The customer also gets the added benefit of a fresher product from a company they trust.

Whichever method you settle on, delivery services are a must-have for any business, and as soon as you implement one, you can anticipate a marked increase in sales.

Adhere to Your Delivery Radius

Most policies heavily base premium rating on radius of delivery. That radius is tracked and auditable. It is important to estimate accurately. When establishing routes and estimating drive times from your store to different areas of the community, be sure to determine the maximum distance you want your drivers to travel for a delivery. Depending on the size of the city, county, and your business, it’s important to set boundaries. By keeping your drivers within a certain distance, you can guarantee fast delivery times, while will quickly translate to satisfied customers. However, if you have a small fleet of trucks and can afford to spare one or two, you might consider dedicating those to long-distance deliveries, so long as your immediate area does not experience an interruption in service.

Drivers Should Have Documentation at All Times

At the core of your hemp or marijuana delivery service are your couriers. They assume a great amount of responsibility both to the business owner and the customer. At minimum, drivers must be 21 years old. However, understand that most carriers rarely accept drivers under the age of 25. While they’re delivering hemp and marijuana, drivers need to have a copy of the business license, their driver’s license, proof of registration and insurance, and their employee ID badge with them in the vehicle at all times. Doing so protects your employees and by extension, your business. Note: Armored vehicles and drivers are preferred by carriers.

Insure Your Hemp or Marijuana Delivery Service with GreenWrap Insurance Solutions

Your cannabis business should never experience interruptions in growth or sales. With the international team at GreenWrap Insurance Solutions, you can trust that the logistics behind insuring your goods and services are taken care of – especially if you offer delivery services. For more information, contact us today to request a consultation.

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